• ISLE: The interactive statistics learning environment (ISLE) provides a framework for authoring interactive lessons for statistics and related disciplines.

  • deidentify: De-identification of Protected Health Information according to HIPAA Privacy Rule. Desktop application providing facilities to automatically de-identify personal identifiers in free-text. Built on top of NW.js (Node WebKit) and Stanford's Named Entity Recognizer (NER).

  • qality: A Multiple-Choice QA System for JavaScript. Allows creation of interactive surveys and quizzes via a visual interface, which can easily be embedded in any website.


With Athan Reines, I am a co-author of a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js. called stdlib-js, which consists of of robust, high performance libraries for numeric computing, streams, and more. The aim of the project is to bring functionality akin to the features offered by popular computing environments such as Matlab, Python or R to node.js and the browser. See my npm profile for a complete list of packages I have been involved with. A few selected packages of mine are:

  • node-word2vec: Iterface to the Google word2vec tool

  • node-ConceptNet: Interface to the ConceptNet semantic network API.

  • Rstats: node.js interface to statistical programming language R based on the fabulous Rcpp package by Dirk Eddelbuettel.

  • sparqling-star: node.js client for creating SPARQL queries and communicating with services like DBpedia

  • text-miner: text-mining utilities for node-js.

  • wordnet-magic: tools for interacting with Princeton's lexical database WordNet


  • newscrapeR: package which utilizes the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) to scrape news articles