Arbitrary Function Arguments in JavaScript

One interesting aspect of functions as implemented in JavaScript is that they allow for an arbitrary number of arguments. When a function is called, it will be passed an arguments »

Linear Regression in R

One of the nice things of R is the fact that it comes equipped with a large number of data sets to experiment with. A list of all datasets included »

Setting up a Node.js Server

I Create the node.js server To create a server you just need three lines: var http = require("http"); http.createServer(function (request, response) { }).listen(9620); The first line includes »

Linear Regression

Most introductory textbooks on econometrics, e.g. "Introduction to Econometrics" by Stock & Watson, start with the univariate regression case in which dependant variable y is explained by a single »

Installing R & RStudio on Ubuntu

In this post, I will go through the steps of installing R and the RStudio IDE on the Ubuntu operating system. There are many institutions hosting mirrors with the current »