Philipp Burckhardt

On Statistics, Programming and the Social Sciences

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Philipp Burckhardt. Born as a son of a writer and cultural theorist, I have had a slightly unconventional childhood. For the first school years I attended a Waldorf school but later changed on my own will to the Gymnasium
Steglitz, one of the last schools in Berlin where ancient Greek is still taught. Nevertheless, I was free to follow my own affinities. Hence, I early came in contact with games, be it computer games like “Age of Empires” or a strategy card game like “Magic: The Gathering”. The interest in this card game was so predominant that I partook in a book project, a strategy guide (boldly entitled “Type 1 Bible”) which I wrote together with two students and a teacher from Austria, 240 pages long and still available on the Internet (somewhere).

Currently, I am a PhD Student in Statistics & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Before, I completed a Master's program in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford. I hold a Bachelor's degree in economics from Humboldt-University and am interested in Bayesian statistics, computational statistics in general and econometrics with applications in the social sciences as well as policy analysis. Having extensively dealt with large scale Internet data, I want to investigate the challenges institutions and governments face in the Internet age.

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